How effective is PawFriction for my dog, he is outside a lot and I am concerned that the product will rub off of his paw pads? Rest assured – this not an uncommon concern! Please keep in mind that PawFriction was designed for senior dogs with limited activity and the product will wear off faster if your dog is very active and walks on concrete, asphalt, or dirt.

We don’t want this to discourage you from giving PawFriction a try, but it’s important to know your dog’s activity level at the time of your first order so if you need to order refill granules that you can plan for a replacement kit at the time of your first order. We would love to hear from you and let us know how your dog (at whatever activity level) are enjoying their new-found freedom with PawFriction Email your photo and story to us and we will enter you into a random drawing for a complementary PawFriction kit!