Did you know that PawFriction has thermal dampening properties which can reduce risk of injury while dogs are walking? This is a great benefit of using PawFriction during the hot summer months!

Does your dog like to cool off at the pool or in the lake? PawFriction will generally not be affected by water if you allow for a full 12 hours between the application and exposure to water or a water treadmill. In the hot summer months we encourage you to help your dog stay cool and active as long as they have ample supervision when swimming.

Remember, dogs are ACTIVE and we need to help them burn off their energy which can be channeled into activities that keep them energetic and healthy. Exercise such as swimming also helps keep our furry best friends from being destructive out of boredom! Swimming is a great cardio workout for dogs. We can’t stress the importance of supervising your dog while swimming (or even taking a “swim” in the bathtub).