The short answer: No.

When most people think of dog boots, they think of a pampered pooch who is doted with a luxurious life by its owner. While much of the footwear for dogs out there is created simply for the delight of the owner and not any real purpose for the pet, there are dog boots out there that have a real practical purpose for the dog.

Dog Boots and Paw Friction 2019

Many of these dog boot companies will try to sell you on the idea that dog boots aren’t a luxury but an actual necessity for your dog. But that’s simply not true. Not all dogs have a need for footwear. After all, many dogs already have plenty of paw padding and strength in their legs to live comfortably on their own four feet.

Therefore, we at PawFriction say that not all dogs need boots– and you shouldn’t believe a dog boot company that tries to tell you any different.

However, that begs the question: what are the practical reasons to consider boots for your dog?

Why a Dog Might Benefit from Boots

As a pet owner, one of your highest priorities is your pet’s quality of life. Both your environment and aging of your pet can affect what’s happening on the bottom of your pooch’s paws.

Consider the activities your dog does and the surface he or she does those activities on. Here are some potential problems that can lead to dog boots as a solution:

●     Your dog walks and runs a lot

●     Your dog frequently walks over rough surfaces like gravel or rocks

●     Your dog has a paw injury

●     Your dog has a skin condition that causes a lot of scratching

●     You live where there are snowy or icy winters and salt or other chemicals are used on walkways, so your dog’s foot pads can get irritated, dried, cracked, and even bleed.

●     Your dog walks on hot pavement

Dogs’ feet are tough, but extreme temperatures, rough surfaces, and toxic substances can cause them harm. Injury from these conditions can cause sensitivity on the pads of your dog’s paws, and gently pressing on the pads can reveal if your dog may be suffering.

The following are red flags that your dog is in pain on the pads of their feet:

●     Redness

●     Blisters

●     Burns

●     Swelling

●     Cracks/cuts

●     Seeds, burrs, splinters, or stingers stuck between the pads

When your dog is experiencing any of the above conditions, it’s worth considering a set of dog boots to keep them comfortable while they recover. However, there are more serious conditions that aren’t as easy to observe in your dog, and these are the more serious reasons to consider getting something to aid with the friction between your dog’s paws and the surfaces they walk on.

How Paw Pads Can Help

It’s true of any mammal: without use, muscles lose their tone and flexibility– which leads to atrophy over time. When dogs experience orthopedic, neurological, or degenerative diseases, the strength of their muscles are compromised and this can seriously impact your dog’s ability to move.

Without the strength of their muscles, a dog cannot get friction with their paws on any surface. When there’s no friction, there’s no mobility. PawFriction enhances dogs’ downward leg force by preventing lateral slipping and splay-legging, increasing mobility and confidence in dogs.

These paw pads have conclusively proven to add traction to the canine foot and not the nails. There’s no better way to restore the mobility than to use the mechanism already in place. That’s why PawFriction uses rubber to restore mobility and effectively increase the friction that the paw pads have lost. It’s specifically aimed to counteract the splay-legged sliding of the back legs.

PawFriction is most effective for dogs with:

●     Arthritis and/or old age

●     Orthopedic issues like fractures, ACL injuries, or patella luxation

●     Neurologic conditions such as degenerative myelopathy, disc disease, lumbosacral instability, brain tumors, or Wobbler’s

●     Postoperative recovery from back surgery, knee surgery, or amputations

●     Confidence issues, as in a reluctance to walk on smooth/slippery floors

●     A need for rehabilitation and/or in physical therapy


Dog boots are not a necessity, however, paw pads can sincerely improve the mobility and confidence of a dog whose muscles are compromised by the aforementioned conditions. PawFriction is a paw pad made in mind for dogs that need support while dealing with weakened muscles. Check out PawFriction to change your dog’s life.