Have you ever had a toothache? It’s pretty painful, right? Often, you need the help of a dentist to alleviate the pain.

Unfortunately, when Fido has a toothache, he can’t make an appointment to take care of it. So how do we take care of a dog’s teeth so we prevent toothaches?

Dog chews can help keep a dog’s teeth healthy while keeping him active. They can also help prevent emergencies that require surgery for the mouth. But as Fido gets older, it’s important to select dog chew toys that are made for seniors.

Aging Dogs and Teeth

As with humans, dogs need regular dental care. As a pet gets older, good dental hygiene is crucial to senior pet health. Studies have shown that dogs live longer when their gums and teeth are healthy.

Dental sticks can help keep a dog’s teeth clean, but they still should have regular exams with the veterinarian.

Plaque builds up over time, which can lead to gum disease. At this point, a dog should have a teeth cleaning procedure done to prevent infection and other problems. Infections can cause pain in dogs, and make them less active.

Some people put off dental cleanings for their senior dogs because of the higher risk of complications with anesthesia. While there should always be a risk-benefit analysis done with any procedure, putting off dental cleaning can lead to further issues down the line. Poor dental health can lead to periodontal disease, which puts a dog at a higher risk of developing diabetes or heart disease.

Dog Chews Can Help

You may not need to give senior Rover a chew-proof dog bed anymore, but he still needs something to gnaw on once in a while. Without toys to chew, a dog can grow bored. An owner might notice the dog chewing paws, furniture, or other inappropriate things.

An owner might be tempted to allow their dog to play with any chew, but some are unsafe. Sticks, cooked bones, and plastic bottles are unsafe for dogs of any age. Antlers and hard rubber toys may hurt Rover’s gums.

The best chew toys for dogs are ones that are chosen based on individual needs. Imagine an 85-year old man trying to chomp on a hard Himalayan dog chew. That’s how Rover feels!

An older dog should use a chew specially designed for senior pets, such as the Playology Dental Stick. Toys created for senior pets are softer and gently take care of a dog’s teeth and gums.

Even though Rover has gotten older, he can still play with chews that help him keep his teeth healthy. Combined with regular teeth brushing, dog chews are a way owners can keep Rover’s chompers in good shape.

Keep Fido Healthy and Happy

Dog chews help keep older dogs active while improving dental health. A safe, senior-friendly toy will keep Fido’s quality of life high for years to come.

We are passionate about giving senior dogs a high quality of life. Contact us today so we can match the health concern you want to address with our products.