Would you give your elderly grandmother a stale, overcooked fruitcake to munch on for fun? Of course not! Grandma’s teeth could crack or the dry cake could hurt her gums.

Fido won’t complain like grandma, but we need to be mindful of his teeth, too.

When choosing senior dog toys, owners should pay attention to how they might affect Fido’s teeth. Here are a few things to think about when it comes to rope toys for senior dogs.

Tough Rope Toys

You can find rope toys in pet sections at many retail stores. They are made up of fibers twisted together and have fringe that puppies love to paw at. Rope toys tend to be hard and thick, which makes them fun for young, active chewers.

But these hard toys aren’t great senior pet products. Hard toys can cause brittle dog teeth to break or create a painful slab fracture.

Some older dogs have arthritis in their jaws as well. A hard toy of any sort won’t be suitable for them

If Fido is having trouble chewing or having a bit of cognitive decline, he could swallow those fringe fibers. Those lose fibers in his belly can become an emergency.

Dental rope can help keep Fido’s mouth healthy. It helps get rid of bacteria and prevent plaque from building up into harmful calculus.

However, tough rope toys tend to be difficult to clean. We want Fido to stay healthy in his golden years, and keeping his toys clean helps prevent bacteria from getting into his gums.

Better Senior Dog Toys

If Fido just can’t get enough of rope toys, it’s best to select one that is soft. You’ll want to make sure the fibers aren’t loose enough that your pet will easily break them off.

Rope toys that are specifically designed for senior dogs are a great toy option. Playology created an easy-to-clean dental rope with senior dogs in mind. It even has a scent that your silver-faced senior will love.

In his golden years, Fido will need toys with a bit of spring in them. Soft fabric toys might be a great option for your dog if he isn’t a destroyer.

Balls can also be fun for senior dogs. Be mindful of how hard the ball is. A soft or bouncy ball is better than a tennis ball or one made of hard rubber.

Just like your elderly grandmother, Fido is different from other dogs. What he needs as a senior might be different than what works for Rover. Select toys that your dog will love while keeping in mind that they need to be senior-friendly.

Find Quality Dog Toys for Senior Dogs

Even though Fido is no longer a puppy, he still needs to play and chew. Picking appropriate senior dog toys will help keep him happy and healthy for years to come.

Need some help finding the right toy for your dog? Contact us and we’d be happy to help you find a product that’s perfect for your dog.