You might think dogs are unique in that they’ll eat pretty much anything. The truth is, though, that wolves are opportunistic eaters, too! Wolves will eat meat, fruits, vegetables, and even grass.

Have you seen dogs eating grass in the past, too? Have you noticed that your dog keeps eating grass? There might be some logic behind your dog’s decision to munch on your yard grass.

Keep reading to learn why you’ll see dogs eating grass and what you should do about it.

Is Your Dog Eating Grass? Here’s What That Means

If you notice your dog eating grass, your initial response might be confusion. Why do dogs eat grass? There could be many reasons, but in general, it’s usually either a behavioral or a diet issue.

Below, we’ll go over each of these causes and what they mean for your pet’s health.

When Dogs Eat Grass Due to Their Diet

One reason why wolves eat grass at times is to aid in their digestion. Dogs might be eating grass for the same reason. Green grass provides fiber, so your senior pup might want it if they’re having indigestion.

Even if your senior dog isn’t experiencing digestive issues, they might want it anyway. Roughage helps a dog’s natural digestion system work better in all.

Dogs Eating Grass as a Coping Mechanism

If you’re sure that your pet’s diet isn’t an issue, then your pup might be chewing for behavioral reasons. Chewing grass could be a sign that your pet is suffering from:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Boredom
  • Stress
  • Separation anxiety
  • Chronic pain

Before you assume the worst, understand that emotions are common in dogs. Did you know that about 72% of dogs have at least one anxiety-related behavior? If your senior pup has anxiety, then they’re among the majority.

How to React When Your Dog Eats Grass

If you notice your senior pup eating grass, then you’ll first want to determine if it’s a behavioral or a diet issue. To start, add fiber to your dog’s diet. If that doesn’t fix the issue, then it’s likely a behavioral one.

If you suspect separation anxiety could be the culprit, consider Ellevent for dogs. This product can help calm your senior pet and make them more comfortable. If anxiety or stress is the culprit, then Ellevent can help solve your dog’s grass-eating habits.

Do You Have More Senior Dog Questions?

You might have seen your dog eating grass in the past and wondered if something was wrong. After reading this, we hope you feel some comfort in knowing that it’s not that serious!

Sometimes, a dog will eat grass to supplement fiber in its diet. At other times, your senior pup might be eating grass because they’re bored or anxious.

Use our tips above to correct the issue and your dog will likely stop eating grass for good. Did you find this information helpful? Do you have more senior dog questions? Be sure to click over to our main blog page now to see more of our best articles.