Can adopting a pet help you enjoy life more as you age into your best years? An overwhelming amount of seniors think so! In fact, a recent survey showed that 88% of seniors said their pets help them enjoy life.

Even better, 62% of responders also said their pets help them stick to a routine. That means pets can help you with both your emotional and physical health as you get older!

Do we have you convinced? Great!

Now, you need to figure out which type of animal you should adopt. Read on to learn more about our top rated pet breeds for seniors.

Russian Blue Senior Cat

If you ever see these senior cats for adoption, then scoop them up fast! A Russian Blue is an ideal cat breed for seniors.

Not only are they beautiful, but they’re also very loving. They prefer to be close to their humans. They can also get along with other pets and kids, too.

They have short hair and are moderate-low energy pets.


All pet enthusiasts agree on this one — a Maltese is the perfect lap dog. For this reason, it’s also one of the best dogs for seniors.

The Maltese breed is small, usually weighing less than 8 pounds. This makes them super easy to handle and train. Even better, they don’t shed much!

If you have grand kids or other pets, then this breed will be friendly. They don’t need all that action, though. They’re more than happy to comfort you and hang out at the house day after day.


Many seniors prefer smaller pets, but you might want a larger dog breed. Larger dogs can provide more security, and they don’t run around under your feet.

Big breeds often come with big challenges, though. Greyhounds are one of the best compromises.

While they’re known as racing dogs, they’re actually pretty low energy. They also have short hair and love providing companionship to their favorite humans.

Australian Mist

These adorable cats are very family-oriented. If you’re an adult parenting smaller grandchildren, then this breed will be a companion to all!

They’re also short-haired and low-maintenance, especially as they reach senior cat age. So long as they have your love and the best senior cat food, they’ll be happy.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

These pets are the perfect blend of small, adaptable, and lovable.

They love snuggling up to their owners, and they’re low maintenance, too. Get your pup a Playology dental stick, and they’ll feel happy and entertained for hours!

The Very Best Pets for the Best Seniors

There are many reasons why a pet enthusiast would suggest that seniors adopt a fur baby. Pets provide emotional support, stability, an incentive to exercise, and more!

If you’re older, then adopting a senior cat or senior dog might provide even more advantages. The two of you can support and uplift each other as the years go on.

Senior dogs and cats could always use a little extra TLC. Check out our senior pet products now and consider splurging to spoil your new baby!