Allergies are a very common issue for humans, impacting about 30-50% of the U.S. population. With springtime on the way, more allergens are bound to wreak havoc on our immune systems. 


If you have pets, then you might wonder — do pets struggle with allergies, too? The simple answer is — yes. 


If your pet seems down, then you might want to consider if allergies could be the cause. There are plenty of spring allergy solutions for dogs and cats that can help your pet thrive. 


Learn more about senior pet allergy symptoms, treatments, and solutions below.

Senior Pet Health: Identifying Potential Allergens

When it comes to senior dog health or senior cat health, you know the situation is complex. One day your senior pet might be bouncing around and playing happily. 


Then, the next, they’re out of energy, and health conditions have them feeling down. 


That’s one reason why allergies are difficult to identify sometimes in pets. Symptoms are much like human allergies. Dogs or cats might have inflamed skin, runny noses, itchiness, and hives. 


The best way to identify allergies for pets is to start noticing patterns. Does your pet display symptoms after rolling around in the grass? Do they seem better during the winter months? 


Statistics show that pet allergies caused by the environment are on the rise. Very few pets are allergic to foods.

Pet Allergy Treatment Options

If you suspect your pet might have allergies, then it’s worth your time to visit the vet. Your veterinarian can give you more guidance on whether allergies are the root of the issue. 


They can also help discuss treatment options. Depending on the cause of the allergy, medication might be appropriate. 


If a serious reaction is occurring, then anti-inflammatory drugs will block the reaction. If the allergies are consistent, then long-term drugs can help.

How You Can Help with Pet Allergies

Medication isn’t your only option, though. You can also help with pet allergies by:

  • Implementing lifestyle changes 
  • Keeping your pet’s bedding and your home as clean as possible 
  • Giving your pet regular baths 
  • Keeping up with your pet’s hygiene 
  • Using natural remedies 
  • Giving your pet supplements

Certain remedies and supplements can help ease your pet’s symptoms. Ellevet for dogs, for instance, can make your pet more comfortable. Easing bothersome symptoms is what it takes to get through an allergic reaction.

Will You Try Some of These Spring Allergy Solutions for Dogs and Cats?

Spring allergy solutions for dogs and cats range in effectiveness. You’ll need to know more about what’s causing your pet’s allergic symptoms first. From there, you can start looking into different treatment options. 


From medication to changing up your pet’s environment, there’s a lot you can do to help. 


Here at Pawtology, we want you and your senior pet to thrive. That’s why we’ve designed senior-specific products for your fur baby’s health and happiness. 


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