Adopting an animal later in life can delay symptoms of cognitive decline. In the same way your pet can help you, you can help protect their cognitive state.

How’s so?

Senior dogs are more vulnerable to mental decline. You can promote better dog health by building the right lifestyle. Remain vigilant and provide medical support when necessary. This becomes more important with an aging dog

Senior dog brain problems don’t have to derail your pet’s retirement era. Keep reading to learn how to best cope with and prevent cognitive decline in your pet.

Build the Right Lifestyle

The number one thing you can do to help your pet is to build the right life for them. Mental stimulation for older dogs is paramount, as is exercise, too.

With that in mind, you need to ensure your pet is getting enough of both.

Make sure to get toys for senior dogs that will stimulate them mentally. Our Brain Bowl, for instance, will really give your pet a fun challenge.

If you start to slack in these areas, it’s not ideal. Don’t beat yourself up over it, though. Get back up and do your best to be consistent.

Be Adaptable and Vigilant

With a senior pet, you’ll also need to be adaptable. Your pet’s needs may change, especially if they’re already struggling with mental decline.

To know what your pet needs, you need to stay vigilant.

Know the most obvious signs of cognitive disease. Watch for them. Consider keeping a journal if you believe your pet’s condition is getting worse.

Consider Your Pet’s Diet

Your pet’s diet is also very important when it comes to their cognitive health. Without the right nutrition, your pet can’t thrive.

Many pet owners opt to feed their dogs a pure kibble diet. There is nothing wrong with that, but there’s also nothing wrong with mixing it up. Wet food cooked or raw meat, and other foods are all healthy for your pet.

Consider adding brain-boosting foods to your pet’s diet as they age. Foods like spinach, fish, and sweet potatoes are great options! Not only will these choices keep your pet full but it will also boost their brain power, too.

Think About Supplements

Finally, make sure to consider medical intervention if needed. Your vet can recommend medication. You might also consider supplements like our very own Senilife Cognitive Disease Supplement.

Taking medication can help your senior pet cope with worsening symptoms. It won’t prevent anything, but it can comfort your pet’s distress.

Protecting the Health and Mind of Senior Dogs

Senior dogs and cats are both vulnerable to experiencing mental decline. For that reason, it’s important for pet owners to stay aware and vigilant.

Always watch for concerning behaviors that could be signs that your pet needs help. Build the right life, feed your pet a good diet, and consider medical intervention if needed.

If you take these steps, then your pet will thrive even well into old age. Are you looking for senior-specific products to help? Check out our shop now!