Is your furry friend carrying a little extra weight these days? If so, your little fur baby is not alone. In fact, 59% of dogs and 61% of cats were classified as overweight in 2022.

October isn’t just about falling leaves and pumpkin spice. It is National Pet Obesity Awareness Month. We invite you to embark on a journey that could transform your pet’s life because pet obesity isn’t just a few extra pounds.

It’s a potentially life-limiting condition that can affect their quality of life and longevity. Keep reading to learn our top tips to manage your pet’s weight and understand the side effects of your fur baby being overweight.

Managing Your Pet’s Weight

Our first recommendation is to track your pet’s weight every month. Using an app on your phone is an easy way to not only keep track of their weight but also keep track of what they eat each day and any exercise they get throughout the day.

If your pet is overweight, we recommend using a food scale to avoid overfeeding them. Make sure you not only weigh their pet food portions but also keep track of their treats.

You want to make sure that your pet is getting regular exercise as well. Take them outside to play in the yard, or use indoor toys to play with them.

How to Evaluate If Your Pet Is Overweight

To check if your dog is overweight, you want to feel the outline of their ribs to make sure there is no excess fat covering the rib area. You also want to see and feel their waist, and make sure that it is visible when you look at their body from above. When you look at their belly from the side, you want to be sure it’s tucked up and not hanging.

If you have a cat, you can check if they are overweight by feeling around their hip bones, ribs, and spine. You should be able to feel everything. Their waist should also be clearly visible when you look from above.

Health Problems Due to Obesity

Arthritis is a condition that many pets can end up with when they are overweight. This will cause your pet joint pain, especially as they age. While you are working on lowering their weight, you can use supplements to help lessen the symptoms of arthritis.

Being overweight can also compromise your pet’s breathing. You might hear them breathing harder when they are exercising because they are carrying more weight for their body frame than they should.

Your pet will also have an increased risk of cardiovascular disease when they are overweight. This can eventually lead to a shorter lifespan.

Ready to Observe National Pet Obesity Awareness Month?

Unfortunately, obesity in pets is a very common occurrence. This is why we invite you to take part in National Pet Obesity Awareness Month by educating yourself.

Our tips above will help you keep your pet’s weight under control and will also help you avoid dealing with future health problems for your fur baby.

If you apply our recommendations above, your pet will live a happy and healthy life for years to come. Are you looking for products to help elevate your pet’s health? If so, check out our shop today!