Marissa S.

Pictured is my 11 year old Greater Swiss Mountain Dog. Between her senior age as a giant breed and steroid-induced rear end weakness, this product has changed her life.

There are many mediocre reviews of this product – yes, you’ll need to learn to correctly apply it. Yes, your dog will need to be able to have their paws handled. It’s best this was already trained early, but can still be achieved.

1. I suggest trimming extra paw pad hair with clippers before application for best results. Take care not to apply glue for this product where it can contact that hair. Less glue (a thin layer centered on each paw pad) is best.
2. Read the instructions thoroughly. Spend the first couple of applications learning to apply it correctly.
3. Properly trimmed nails are the BEST thing you can do for your dog when it comes to traction and is super important for healthy musculoskeletal performance at all ages, especially when senior. Do this too. Nails should not touch the floor.

We’ve at this point covered the home in area rugs and runners to help her get around. This product probably would have negated that need, but we added it afterwards. This allows her to get up on her own. I re-apply it whenever I notice she is slipping again a bit, and she’s good to go. So much confidence has returned in her movement, and NOT slipping or straining allows the muscles to get stronger.

I could not be more grateful I took a chance on this despite the reviews – some of the best money I’ve spent on my senior dog. It will no doubt add precious time to her life.