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Aug 24, 2018 | St Louis

Restoring Confidence in Senior Dogs

Due to a combination of muscle loss, behavior changes, and co-existing arthritis and other degenerative disease senior dogs often have mobility issues. These can include reluctance to walk on certain floors, unwillingness to cross thresholds, difficulty with stairs, and just general slipping and sliding. PawFriction’s unique technology restores the traction surface of the paw pads that dogs lose as they age. PawFriction not only helps restore the quality of life for your senior pet but also can slow muscle loss and improve the quality of life for your beloved senior dog. PawFriction is also the only product that is specifically designed to stop the lateral or “Splay-legged” sliding that we can see in senior dogs. 

Aug 27, 2018   |   St. Charles

Treating Degenerative Disease 

Unfortunately, there are a large number of diseases in veterinary medicine that affect both the nerves and the joints. Each one of these can lead to significant mobility issues, loss of muscle mass, and a decreased quality of life. At PawFriction, we believe that mobility is life and, often, keeping dogs mobile with these diseases are paramount to delaying progression. Some of the conditions we have helped with are degenerative myelopathy, cerebellar issues, brain diseases, seizure disorders, arthritis, spinal disease, and many others. We have even helped cats with cerebellar hypoplasia!

Aug 28, 2018   |   Chesterfield Mo

Rehab and Post Operative Recovery

We believe in giving dogs the easiest recovery from surgery that is possible. Just like in human medicine, keeping dogs walking after surgery is an important part of the recovery process. Unfortunately, dogs who are in post-operative recovery are often unstable and on medications that can increase the risk of slipping and sliding which can increase the risk of surgical complications or lead to a different injury. We have had wonderful success using PawFriction for knee surgeries like TPLOs and have had wonderful success with dogs who have had amputations. We are even recommended by the non-proft TriPawds (use name as a link to their site) With the unique design of our product and the method we improve traction, we also improve the isometric and isotonic forces on the muscles which aids in rehabilitation and have been adopted widely by veterinary rehabilitation clinics.