Brain Bowl™

The Brain Bowl™ kit is the very first bowl specifically designed to address cognitive decline in canines.

What makes it so special? Imagine doing the same crossword puzzle every day for your entire life. That’s what every other puzzle bowl is: once a pet figures it out, it is no longer a challenge. We designed the Brain Bowl™ with interchangeable, rearrangeable lids that allow for over 100 different combinations of feeding possiblities; the first of its kind.

Studies have shown that >60% of senior dogs will develop cognitive dysfunction. Don’t wait until your pet shows symptoms, start your dog on our Brain Bowl™ kit today.

Give New Life to Senior Minds.


Each Brain Bowl™ kit comes with:

  • 1 Brain Bowl™ Base
  • 3 Interchangeable and Rearrangeable Cognitive Enhancing Lids
  • Designed and Assembled in USA

About the product:

The Brain Bowl™ kit addresses cognitive decline in aging canines. It is one of the most common issues that affect senior pets and, as pet owners, we need to take every chance to make their lives as stimulating as possible.

The Brain Bowl™ was designed differently than other puzzle bowls. It allows you to constantly change how your dog has to get to their food. In fact, with everything in the kit, you have over 100 possible combinations of ways to feed your dog.

Using the Brain Bowl™ kit is a small but important part of helping to prevent and manage behavior and anxiety associated with aging. Congatulations on taking a big step in helping your dog's cognitive health.

Our products are proudly assembled at a sheltered workshop in Missouri.

Cleaning Instructions: Hand wash with soap and water or place on the top shelf in dishwasher.

Directions For Use:

1. For the first week, use the Brain Bowl™ kit with no lids to get your dog acclimated to their new bowl; it might take longer depending on the age of your dog and behavior.

2. Once your dog is comfortable, we recommend starting to introduce the lids. You might need to encourage your dog to use the Brain Bowl™ by putting in their favorite treat of food.

3. Installing the lids is simple, place the ball into the socket on one side and snap the lid into place. Do the reverse to remove the lid.

4. If your dog has difficulty accessing their food, the bowl is doing its job.

5. Change the lids weekly or as needed when your dog can get to their food quickly. We also recommend, occasionally leaving one bin empty to encourage your dog to use their nose which is important for cognitive health.

Additional information

Weight 25 oz
Dimensions 14.875 × 9.9375 × 3 in


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