Testimonial 1

Lynn on Dexter’s post-operative healing

Dexter, our 6-year-old Standard Poodle, had TTA surgery for a ruptured CCL on September 28. We have all tile floors and were scared to death that he would slip during recovery (the vet said the tile floors may have played a part in the rupture itself). I bought 24 (yes, 24) yoga mats and spread them and all of the area rugs I could find in a path from office, through kitchen to family room – then, I had a row of mats from the master bedroom back door to his crate (which he would have to sleep in at night until the vet gives him the OK). Even then, the mats would occasionally slip under both humans and dog. Not to mention I had to lead Dexter by the leash in one path from place to place, and he could never lay down unless it was on a mat. Then, I had to stand next to him with a leash to make sure he didn’t move. The only alternative was to crate him day and night.

I found PawFriction and bought it immediately – took it to the orthopedic surgeon (who had never seen it) and he said it looks promising – try it! Well, I did! The application instructions were clear, and my husband and I easily coated Dexter’s paws with the product (I’m sure we’ll do a better job next time – I was very nervous). Minutes later, I cried when I saw Dexter walking over the tile floors with confidence. He can lay down and get up without slipping, and I was able to remove all of the yoga mats and throw rugs from our floors!! We all thank you for this wonderful product, and will be constant customers. I can finally get some sleep now. Thank you!!! I do have a question, though – when this first application wears down, do we have to take off any old blue coating before we put on the next application? If so, how do we do that? (I’m hoping you say we can just put it over the old coat.)