Testimonial 2

D.M.’s geriatric Labrador

I was looking for a product that would help our geriatric Lab mix keep his footing on our hardwood floors. We had tried some rubberized socks, but they always seemed to slip right off or get wet when he went outside to take care of business. Pawfriction has been great. He immediately slipped much less after applying the product and seemed to be more confident in his back legs. The package includes 4 applications and states that 1 application can last for 7-14 days. So far he is closer to 7 than 14 days per application, but the granules seem to stay put more on his back paws, which is where he needs the most traction anyway. Having a helper to hold your pet while you apply the granules is a good idea to get the best coverage and not end up with glue all over yourself. I highly recommend this product for anyone who has a dog that slips around on smooth surfaces in your home.