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PawFriction was designed to be so simple, yet so effective.

Guaranteed to work, or your money back.


PawFriction is most effective for dogs with:

  • Arthritis and old age
  • Neurologic conditions: degenerative myelopathy, disc disease, lumbosacral instability, brain tumors, Wobbler’s
  • Orthopedic issues: fractures, ACL injuries, patella luxation
  • Postoperative recovery: back surgery, knee surgery (TPLO, TTA, lateral suture), amputations
  • Confidence issues: reluctant to walk on smooth floors
  • Increasing the success of rehabilitation or physical therapy
  • Other conditions that can make walking on smooth floors difficult 

* Testing has shown that PawFriction decreases thermal heat transfer from hot surfaces under reasonable conditions


Completely safe

Proven effective

Works on any size dog

Easy to apply

Try it today. Change your dog’s life.