What exactly is PawFriction?

PawFriction is a paw-pad coating system that increases traction for senior and special needs dogs that have a hard time getting up and around on hardwood and or smooth flooring.  PawFriction was developed by a veterinarian and engineer to address the serious problems associated with older dogs and dogs with health issues not being able to get around on hardwood and other smooth floors. Mobility is life for many of our beloved pets. The PawFriction coating is non-toxic and applied directly to the paw pads.  This coating system gives dogs back their mobility and allows them to move with ease and without fear. PawFriction is unlike ANY other product on the market as it doesn’t require sizing or anything that covers the paw or toenails.

Does PawFriction work?

We have had amazing results with our product, but we strongly recommend that you don’t take our word for it. Take a look at our reviews on this website, Facebook, and Amazon.

Is the product one size fits all?

Yes! We are the only product that does NOT require you to measure your dog’s paw size. We have designed the application process to work with the smallest and largest of dogs. You can purchase PawFriction with the confidence of knowing that it will work for your dog, no matter their size.

How many applications do I get per box of PawFriction?

The number of applications depends on the size of your dog. You should get at least 3-4 applications per box unless your dog is very large. The PawFriction kit comes with more of the friction enhancing granules than are needed for the amount of adhesive provided.  This is because the application tray requires a liberal amount of the granules to provide a safe and effective application.

Why does my older dog slide on hardwood floors?

When dogs are young, their paw pads are soft and textured, but aging leads the paw pads to become hardened and very smooth. Aging leads to muscle loss, arthritis, and other orthopedic and neurologic diseases as well. These conditions keep older dogs from being able to hold their legs in place like younger to middle-aged dogs. On top of this, our houses are filled with hardwood and other smooth floors that contribute to creating the perfect storm of problems that makes it impossible for older dogs and dogs with health issues to get up and move without help.

Is my dog a good candidate for PawFriction?

PawFriction is meant for post-operative or middle-aged to senior dogs who have difficulty getting around. This can be from just old age, arthritis, or other orthopedic/neurologic conditions. Young dogs can benefit from our product for purposes of confidence building on slick floors and ice, but the coating wears off faster in highly active dogs.

Is PawFriction safe?

Yes! We love our dogs as much as you do, and we would never make something that is not safe for dogs or humans.  We researched and have all of the safety data for PawFriction’s components. Medical grade adhesives like ours have been used in veterinary medicine since the 1970’s and were approved by the FDA in the 1990’s. The inert friction enhancing granules are certified to be free of contaminants and small enough that, if swallowed, should not cause any obstruction issues. We joke that, outside of the jars, your dog could consume our entire product and not have any serious issues but please don’t let that happen.

Can PawFriction help with my dog’s medical condition?

PawFriction is meant to be an adjunctive therapy for dogs with orthopedic, arthritic, and neurologic conditions. It won’t take the place of proper medical and pharmaceutical treatments, but it absolutely can help to rebuild muscle mass, reduce the risk of injury, and give your dog new life!

What conditions does PawFriction help with?

PawFriction has many applications outside of use for dogs that just slide on hardwood floors.   Again, PawFriction was designed with the senior dog in mind. The primary condition that it is designed to help is arthritis, whether due to hip dysplasia or just as a result of normal aging. However, we have found great success with PawFriction being used as an integral part of post-operative rehabilitation. This includes knee surgeries (TTA, TPLO, and lateral suture), back surgeries, and other neurologic and orthopedic surgeries. We also see a benefit with many neurologic conditions such as degenerative myelopathy, brain tumors, vestibular disease, etc. Any condition that causes your dog to have difficulty to get up and around, PawFriction is there to help.

My dog is afraid to go on our hardwood/tile floors, can PawFriction help with that?

YES! Often the hesitation of your dog to go on smooth floors is because they are terrified of sliding and falling. It only takes one time for them to be afraid. With our product AND confidence training, your dog can quickly overcome their fear of smooth floors.

Why should I use PawFriction over other products?

PawFriction is the only product on the market applied directly to a dog’s paw pads designed to address “splay-legged” slipping of the back legs along with all other slipping and sliding. It is also one of the only products that can be used as an adjunctive medical treatment to help decrease muscle loss and rebuild confidence.

No, really…why should we use PawFriction?

It is so hard to convey how amazing this product can be for your senior dog or dog with health issues. For a very long time, we have thought that older dogs don’t move around just because of their age. As a veterinarian, I have found myself saying just that. However, with the development of PawFriction I have completely changed my tune. I now feel that a lot of the “slowing down” that we see with older dogs is because of a loss of confidence and difficulty keeping their feet underneath them. Simply, dogs are afraid to get up and move because of their lack of traction on our modern flooring. PawFriction addresses this shortcoming for them and helps your dog get up and move with confidence that helps to keep their muscles healthier and stronger. We have even had specialists say that this product could change the way we treat many orthopedic and neurologic issues

Simply, how does PawFriction Work?

PawFriction is a non-toxic paw pad coating that restores the gripping surface of a dog’s paw pads.  This enables them to get up and around with new found confidence and with a reduced risk of injury.

Complicatedly, how does PawFriction Work?

There are two ways to increase friction; increase the weight of the object on a surface or increase the roughness of the surface. The first is overall a bad idea for dogs suffering from muscle loss, arthritis, and other geriatric issues. That leaves us with the second option; roughening the surface or increasing the coefficient of friction. PawFriction is a 2 component system: a medical grade adhesive and a rubberized granule. These are applied in succession to the surface of the paw pad which significantly increases the coefficient of friction and decreases ALL forms of sliding.

Will my dog notice PawFriction is on their feet?

We have had minimal issues with dogs noticing the coating on their pads when it is applied appropriately. Be careful to avoid getting any of the adhesive on the hair or skin around the paw pads. Dogs tend to notice when it gets on their skin/hair.

Don’t dogs sweat through their paw pads? Does PawFriction keep them from being able to stay cool?

Yes, dogs do sweat through their paw pads. However, dogs DO NOT cool themselves through their paw pads. Sweating of a dog’s paw pads is a response of the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight response); that is why they sweat when they are nervous. This sweating softens the paw pads and gives them increased traction during a period of heightened stress. As dogs age their paw pads harden and smooth, this sweating does little to help them with traction. The adhesive that we use for our product does not eliminate the sweating and often one of the contributors to a short-lived PawFriction coating.

Will my dog chew off the product?

If applied correctly to ONLY the paw pads and NOT the hair or the skin, most dogs do not seem to notice that the product is on their feet. However, we have had a couple of reports of dogs that are already “foot-lickers” who have diligently chewed the coating off.

Will I be able to apply PawFriction to my dog?

We have a saying around PawFriction, if you can trim your dog’s nails, then you can apply our PawFriction.  There is a bit of a learning curve, but most people have the application process down after the first couple of attempts. Please take a look at our Pawstructions.

How do I apply PawFriction?

The medical adhesive is applied directly to the paw pads after a thorough cleaning and hair trimming. The foot is then placed into our application tray with the granules along with mild pressure. This forms an almost instant bond with the paw pad surface(s) and granules. It only requires a few seconds to dry completely. Instructions are included in the box, and there is a video on our website. There is a bit of a learning curve but after 1-2 applications, you should have the process easily in hand.

How long does PawFriction last?

That depends on some factors including how active your dog is, how well the product is applied, if the paw pads were prepared appropriately, and individual variations of each dog. Most dogs’ application average about a week, but we have had many dogs go much longer than that.

PawFriction only lasted a few days on my dog, why?

There are some common reasons why PawFriction doesn’t last long. The first reason is improper paw pad preparation and improper application of the coating. Please take a look at our Paw Pad preparation helpful hints section for advice. Secondly, if a dog is very active PawFriction will wear off faster. Thirdly, there is some individual variation on lasting time of the product. We strongly recommend using a nail file/emery board on the paw pads first, then cleaning with alcohol and letting dry before you place the product on the paw pads.

Can I use PawFriction on my dog’s back legs only?

Absolutely! If the hind legs are the ones affected most by your dog’s condition, you can try applying the product just to those legs. However, we do find that overall traction is improved when applied to all for paws.

How do I know when I should reapply PawFriction?

It is time to reapply when your dog starts slipping again. Approximately 75% of the coating can wear off before your dog starts to lose traction again.

I still walk my dog a lot, will PawFriction wear off more quickly?

We see decreased wear time if you walk your dog frequently. The roughness of dirt, asphalt, and concrete causes the product to wear off sooner than a dog that is less active.

When I re-apply PawFriction do I need to remove the rest on the paw pads?

We do recommend removing any residual parts that are easily removed. It should be easily removed with your fingernail.

When PawFriction wears off will I be cleaning up little blue granules everywhere?

PawFriction tends to come off in large flakes instead of small particles. These can easily be taken care of with your normal cleaning routine. No problem if your dog or cat would chew or swallow these.

I got the adhesive on my hardwood floor, help!

We recommend using a product called Bondini Brush for removing if you do (https://www.supergluecorp.com/?q=bondini/bondini-brush-remover-gel). Try it on an inconspicuous area of the floor first to make sure it won’t do any damage.  Acetone will also work to clean up adhesive spills.

I got the adhesive all over my hands, help!

You can easily get our product off your hands or your dog’s skin with fingernail polish remover/acetone.

Can my dog get wet with PawFriction on?

PawFriction was placed on a dog receiving therapy with an underwater treadmill, and it lasted the same amount of time. We recommend that you do not expose your dog to water or wet grass for 8-10 hours after application to let the adhesive fully cure.

Does PawFriction keep my dog’s paw pads from damage from hot concrete/pavement?

Yes! Our in-house studies have shown that PawFriction significantly reduces thermal damage to paw pads under reasonable conditions. We still do not recommend this as a reason to walk on hot surfaces, but if you have no choice, PawFriction can help!

Does PawFriction help my dog on ice?

Absolutely! PawFriction works very well to give your dog traction on ice, keep them from slipping on ice and reduce their chance of injury.

Can I use PawFriction for my cat?

The product will work and is safe for cats, but it wears off very quickly on felines.  It is also much more difficult to apply to a cat than a dog.

Does my Veterinarian carry PawFriction?

We have some clinics carrying PawFriction. If you are a veterinarian and interested in carrying our products, please contact us at info@pawtology.com.