Helpful For Our 16 Year Old Boxer

This product has been a huge help to our 16 year old boxer! We have some areas with hardwood floors and since using this product she does not slip anymore! She’s very easy to deal with and touch her feet so we have had zero issues with applying it and it usually lasts about a month but she doesn’t go on many walks now days!

– Ashlyn H.

Would Definitely Recommend

Used this on an older miniature poodle. It helped him have traction on our tiled floors. It made a big difference when he was eating because his feet wouldn’t slide out from underneath him. I would definitely recommend the product.


Helpful product

Definitely gave some traction for my doggy that has bad hips and knees. Thank you PawFriction.

– Svea H.

Tried Many Things

We tried many things to help our older dog to be more stable on our hard floors, this is by far the greatest of them all.

– Emily S.

Great Product

Great product! I highly recommend this if your dog is having trouble with slipping on wood floors. It lasts about 7 days and is very easy to apply.

– Eric J.

Another Happy PawFriction Client

PawFriction gave my dog the ability to grip the floors in my home as her youthful paw pads otherwise would have!
– Happy PawFriction Client

She’s a Puppy Again

This stuff is amazing! I really can’t rate this high enough. It literally saved this old baby who now thinks she’s a puppy again.
– Tina and Annette

Your Stuff Is Fantastic!!!

My wife and I have rescued a house full of dogs, some of which we know that we where their last chance.  Otto, a Miniature Pinscher, is our old guy and has a slew of problems (from being completely blind in one eye, nearly blind in the other as well as deaf except for certain pitches and those are just to start) and we knew that when we got him that he had not had a good life and was in the later portion of his life.  He really adopted me and loves his new life.  Well, he has always a funny little gate and lately we have noticed it has gotten worse along with him dragging his left feet from time to time and being unsteady on his feet.  Just recently it has gotten worse and he couldn’t maintain his footing on our wood floors and was sprawling out and struggling to get up.  (As you can imagine we have a ton of area rugs and runners to help which creates other problems as one of our dogs is house broken when she chooses to be and another like to make sure he covers up other “accidents”.)  While my wife and I were heartbroken about our wobbly Otto we didn’t know what to do about his slipping and sprawling and could see his demeanor was starting to change, he was quite as full of life and seemed to be coming depressed.  Then, I found PawFriction and ordered it and got it the same day.  We followed directions and about ten minutes after getting it Otto had a set of sneakers on his feet.   What a change in our little guy.  He is still wobbly but he is no longer slipping and sprawling!!!  In the couple of hours before it was bed time we could see a change in him.  We don’t know how much longer he will be with us, we hope a long time, but we promised him that he would have the best life possible until then.  Your product is helping us keep that promise.
– John McDonald

Gave His Life More Happiness

Indigo is 13 year old little Dachshund and she has been slipping a lot on the hardwood floors at home so I thought I would try it…it has made a huge difference and I think she actually feels better and more confident. I also noticed that before on her front feet you could tell that her toes were stretching out, like they were not as tightly together as when she was young, but with this they seem more formed so I imagine it feels better for her walking too.
– VetSource Employee

Gave His Life More Happiness

We recommend using PawFriction in addition to other rehab and pain management for our patients to have a better overall quality of life.
– Tiffani Witten MS, DVM, CCRT, CVA Back on Track Veterinary Hospital and Rehabilitation Center

Gave His Life More Happiness

– Judy S.

An Immediate Increase in Mobility

We have been using the PawFriction on a young 3 legged retriever who is due to have a hip replacement next week. In conjunction with rehab modalities the PawFriction has helped us increase her confidence on the affected hind limb and decrease her base of stance-thank you! 
– Karen Goodall, Tudor Hydrotherapy Centre

An Immediate Increase in Mobility

We love the positive feedback we receive from owners using PawFriction, they see an increase in  mobility and ease of getting around on slick surfaces that many pets have not had for a long time.
– Tiffani Witten MS, DVM, CCRT, CVA

I Know It Helps

I wanted to let you know how much I love your product. My Dalmatian, Syren (she’s 8 years old) has been diagnosed with cauda equina syndrome. It has given her better traction in her rear. She’s still an active girl, so I do have to re-apply it often. But I know it helps. Thanks so much!
– Happy PawFriction Client

Your Product is the Safest and Best Solution

We tried PawFriction for the first time on our 13 year old dog, Molly. I can already see a difference! She no longer slips on our wood floors due to lack of traction when trying to get up. We’ve tried booties, but your product is the safest and best solution for our dear old lady. Thanks!
– Sarah

It Was A Miracle For Us

I know this is random but I wanted to thank your company.  I couldn’t help but reach out. My 8 year old Great Dane suffered a spinal injury and our vinyl floors were a nightmare for him. Our veterinarian/physical therapist recommended your product and after trying so many other products we were skeptical. Tonight I found myself screaming and in tears watching my best friend walk comfortably in his home after not being able to for so long. It was a miracle for us and I just can’t thank you enough!
– Amanda

We Promote At Our Shop

We are amazed at ginger, she is a new dog she does great at our shop and at home we sent video we can’t thank you enough life changing and you have a great product we will promote it at our shop to any dogs that may benefit from it!
– Mark

Best Thing Ever

Your product made my 15+ year old dog walk around my house with confidence. That’s the best thing ever. Thank you. 
– Eve

She Has Her Confidence Back

Sarah is 16 and has real issues with standing up especially on her back legs. We just put PawFriction on her yesterday and not only is she standing without sliding, she has her confidence back and is much more frisky. The veterinarian could not believe it!!!!!!!! Thank you.
– Happy PawFriction Client

An Absolute Miracle

After realizing she had more grip on the floor, she began walking more confidently and slipping/falling significantly less! This was an absolute miracle for her – and it made her final time with me much more comfortable. I only wish I had found it sooner.
– Happy PawFriction Client

It Actually Works!

It was pretty easy to apply, really no different than clipping his nails. It actually works! The coating has been on for a week now and he is able to stand up on the tile without slipping. We are not hearing him whine about getting up and just seeing him hop up from a nap like he used to is AWESOME! Great product, would definitely recommend.  
– Allison

PawFriction Has Changed Her Ability To Walk Entirely

This product has been so beneficial to my 14 year old dog. Our home is entirely hardwood floors and she was really struggling to keep her balance at all walking around. From the first application it changed her ability to walk entirely and now she can even bound after her toys comfortably.
– Happy PawFriction Client

PawFriction Has Been Great

I was looking for a product that would help our geriatric Lab mix keep his footing on our hardwood floors. We had tried some rubberized socks, but they always seemed to slip right off or get wet when he went outside to take care of business. PawFriction has been great. He immediately slipped much less after applying the product and seemed to be more confident in his back legs. 
– D.M.

I Don’t Worry

Worked great. My dog has been more active. I also think it gives him confidence. I don’t worry about him falling and getting hurt.
– Happy PawFriction Client

Improved My Dogs Quality Of Life!

It’s a pretty quick and easy process and it’s improved my dog’s quality of life, so I’ll definitely continue to use this. Thank you for this stuff!
– Happy PawFriction Client

Works As Promised

Once applied it works as promised and we have noticed a huge improvement in our senior dog’s ability to stand and walk without slipping and falling. She also seems to be more comfortable overall now that she isn’t always straining to stay on her feet.
– Happy PawFriction Client

Now Has Much Better Footing

We bought this for our almost 14 year old Weimaraner. She had started to slip and fall on floors that weren’t carpeted. My husband was able to apply it (a miracle in itself) and she now has much better footing. She doesn’t seem bothered by its presence. 
– Nancy

I LOVE This Item!

I have a Pomeranian dog and she hates my wood floors and when I used this on her paws she no longer is afraid of my floors in my house. I love this item! She is able to go in rooms around my home and friends homes without the fear of slipping. I recommend this to anyone with a dog that is afraid of linoleum or hardwood floors.
– Carla

Happy Tears

I cried when I saw Dexter walking over the tile floors with confidence. He can lay down and get up without slipping, and I was able to remove all of the yoga mats and throw rugs from our floors!! We all thank you for this wonderful product, and will be constant customers. I can finally get some sleep now. Thank you!!!
– Lynne

Changes In 1 Day!

This is a wonderful product! My dog has hip problems and has had a hard time walking on tile and wood floors. Within 1 day of application he was walking better. Today he had the confidence to play and run a little. 
– Donna

Back To Her Old Spunky Self

We have been using PawFriction for about a month and she is back to her old spunky little self on ALL floors now. So glad I found this product to help my sweet old girl.   
– Crystal

Great Product

We have a 15 (almost 16) year old Chihuahua named CoCo. She has hip issues and just general aging problems getting around, putting in hardwood floors didn’t help her situation in the least. I saw your product on Facebook and decided to give it a try. I am SO happy that I did! CoCo is such a happy girl and is more active than she has been for months! Great product, thank you PawFriction!!!!!   
– Annette

Night And Day Difference

I can’t tell you how much I loved your product. I had a 14 year old St. Bernard mix with neurological disconnect and horrible arthritis. I was trying everything to help her be comfortable and keep moving on her own. My mom found your product. It was night and day watching her walk. She was able to walk better because of the extra grip your product provided. 
– Corinne

Completely Solved The Problem

This product REALLY works! My 16 year old jack Russell, Olive was losing her footing all the time on our wood floors. It completely solved the problem. Thank you so much for inventing such a great and much needed product. 
– Kelly

Cannot Even Believe The Difference!

After receiving PawFriction and applying it to her feet I cannot even believe the difference!! I cried the first time she WALKED across the tile not to mention she is able to get up from laying down, ON HER OWN!! 
– Tava

It’s Just What We Needed!

I have to say it was so much easier than I thought it would be! It all went on so fast that Homer didn’t get restless. Oh my God, when he walks he looks about 5 years younger! And, he’s smiling more!! Thank you so much for developing this product-it’s just what we needed! I’m going to tell my vet about this because I’m sure there are lots of other pets who could really use this! 
– Debbie

Improving the Quality of Life

Working in the veterinary field it’s nice to know that there is a product that works and can help improve the quality of life for our furry friends!
– Lena


Thank you so much for such an amazing product. Belle is a 5 month old who was born unable to walk and with some time and physical therapy she walks but still a little wobbly but with your product she is so much more stable and runs around like nothing is wrong with her – it has given her so much more freedom!

I Feel Like I Have My Puppy Back

My 11 year old golden isn’t arthritic or disabled but he has had noticeable trouble in the past year jumping into the car from slick concrete or onto my bed from the hardwood. I decided to give PawFriction a try because I didn’t notice a lack of strength or agility just constant slipping. What a world of difference it has made! Jumping from or onto a hard surface is no longer an issue. I feel like I have my puppy back and I’m sure he feels pretty good too!

She Hopped Up For a Treat

Chloe is not sliding around our house anymore. Even felt stable enough to hop up and grab a treat, best part was she didn’t tip over like she used to.  

Bebe Has Her Strength Back!

One thing I do know, is that PawFriction has given my little Bebe (14 yrs) back her strength and confidence to keep walking easily on her own. I have introduced PawFriction to multiple vets, and they can’t believe how amazing it really is.  

Help your dog transition from ‘Before’ to ‘After

Video of Max (nervous system disorder)

Lynn on Dexter’s post operative healing

…my husband and I easily coated Dexter’s paws with the product (I’m sure we’ll do a better job next time – I was very nervous). Minutes later, I cried when I saw Dexter walking over the tile floors with confidence. He can lay down and get up without slipping, and I was able to remove all of the yoga mats and throw rugs from our floors!! We all thank you for this wonderful product, and will be constant customers.

D.M.’s geriatric Labrador

We had tried some rubberized socks, but they always seemed to slip right off or get wet when he went outside to take care of business. Pawfriction has been great. He immediately slipped much less after applying the product and seemed to be more confident in his back legs.
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Carla and her Pomeranian

…she’s no longer afraid of floors in my house.
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Changed Kayos’ dog’s life!

This has totally changed her quality of life.
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Ali Miller – Lucky can walk again!

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