Testimonial 5

Ali Miller – Lucky can walk again!

In August of 2012, Lucky ruptured a disc in his back leading to rear paralysis. He had surgery and recovered but not fully. However, since receiving alternative treatments (acupuncture & chiropractic), he can now walk on all four legs! While he is using all four, he is still working to regain muscle in his back legs yielding him wobbly. He loves to chase his sister in the back yard, but our home is hardwood & ceramic tile flooring which he is visibly more unsteady on. After getting a PawFriction coating, Lucky clearly had more traction and stability. There are also no marks left from the coating or dye transfer on anything he has been on. Pets with mobility problems require so much extra attention; it is wonderful to find a product which helps improve both the pets’ and owners’ lives.