Some dogs just don’t like to walk on smooth surfaces – this could be the result of their temperament, depression, anxiety or a host of other reasons. If you see that your dog suddenly becomes afraid of walking on slippery surfaces then we suggest that you first make a trip to your vet so that they can help determine the root cause. Your dog’s behavior may well be the result of an undiagnosed orthopedic issue. Age may also be a large contributor to the fear of walking on hardwood floors, laminate or any other type of slick surface. As dogs age they lose their mobility, which ultimately can cause them to hesitate from walking on smooth surfaces as compared to when they were young and more confident. PawFriction is a great tool to help senior dogs, dogs with mobility issues (post-surgery) and those with anxiety and fear. PawFriction is very easy to apply and has proven time and time again that it can help your dog get back on their paws!