Dog collars are important out in the world– they keep your dog safe and easily identifiable. If your dog has ever gotten loose or lost, you know that their collar and tags are what got them back to you safe and sound. You also know that the tags on your dog help communicate important information about their shots and immunizations. Outside the home, this is all very important to your dog’s safety.

But that begs the question: is there any reason to keep your dog’s collar on when they’re indoors?

Dog Collars Skin Issues Veternarian

The short answer: Not really.

Here’s the longer answer…

Collars Can Cause Skin Issues

Dog collars are made to fit snugly on your dog, but sometimes when the collar is worn more often than not, it can break down and rub off the hair and coat of your furry friend. This can actually lead to skin problems due to the friction between the not-so-soft dog collar and your dog’s raw skin.

It’s comparable to a human wearing a necklace that makes them itch and scratch all day– except we have the opposable thumbs to take necklaces off when they bother us. Dogs with irritating collars have to keep them on all the time and only have the toenails on their rear paws to provide some relief through scratching.

When you think about how many activities your dog does that don’t require the safety or identification that comes with wearing a collar, it’s a bit cruel that we almost never take their collars off. They don’t need to sleep, eat, or lounge in a collar, so why not provide their necks the relief of some fresh air while they’re safely indoors?

Collars Can Catch On Household Items

Outdoors, dogs have the space to run and play freely. But inside the home, dogs’ spatial awareness around human belongings isn’t up to par with human spatial awareness. The dangling tags on collars, or particularly loose-hanging collars, can get stuck on things around the house and cause your dog to panic– putting them at risk of injury. Taking the collar off while inside can remove this risk of collar issues.


Other than the human convenience of leaving your dog’s collar on so you don’t have to put it back on again when they go outside, there isn’t much reason to keep collars on indoors. In fact, it can actually be a detriment to your dog. When in doubt, consider how you would feel if you had to wear a collar 24/7. Surely, you’d prefer to have it off when it’s not necessary.

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