PawFriction is truly a fantastic product, I am so very grateful that someone had the good sense to create it! My dog Cali, who is like a second child to me, is now 10 years old and she will not let ANYONE, including me, trim her nails. Therefore, she tends to slip on any floors that aren’t carpeted or covered. It had gotten to the point that I had to start putting towels down for her to walk on because she became to frightened to keep trying.

PawFriction became the solution I had been praying for! Other than a little trouble getting it applied to her paws, ONLY because she hates having her paws touched, it was super easy! Within a half-hour, my Cali was, not walking but, running all around the house on EVERY kind of flooring we have…it was AWESOME!!! ” Thanks PawFriction!!!

-Diane G.