Our 13-year-old Beagle likes to sleep on a warm spot on the kitchen tile floor, but for months he has had trouble getting up after he lays down. Having to either assist him in getting up or watch him struggle to stand over the last few months has been tough on us and on him too. We tried to get him to find a new spot to lay on the carpet. No dice. We laid out towels on his spot hoping he could get some traction. They never stayed in place. We found Pawfriction and were not really sure if it would help, but we were willing to at least try anything for our old buddy. It was pretty easy to apply, really no different than clipping his nails. It actually works! The coating has been on for a week now and he is able to stand up on the tile without slipping. We are not hearing him whine about getting up and just seeing him hop up from a nap like he used to is AWESOME! Great product, would definitely recommend.

-Allson R.