BUN is a value that shows up on almost all of our routine and non-routine blood panels. It stands for Blood Urea Nitrogen. Urea is a waste product composed of nitrogen and other compounds and it is filtered out by the kidneys. There are a few reasons we can see the BUN elevate which may include; dehydration, ulcers in the intestines, eating a lot of protein, and kidney disease.

The most effective way of lowering the BUN is to treat the underlying issues. With kidney disease or dehydration, giving fluids frequently lowers the BUN. With ulcerations/bleeding in the intestines, often antacids or anti-inflammatory medications can help lower the value. If the BUN is high and we suspect it is because of a recent meal, we will recommend a repeat blood sample where the animal fasts 12 hours before the test. A little tip is to always fast your pet before you take them in for blood work; this helps eliminate the type of problems that can occur which are directly related to your pets diet and the timing of the test.

– Dr. B