This is a very common question that I get quite often and it is one of the best thing that you can do for a senior dog and that is to get a puppy. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Activity: Often, having a new puppy around the house causes the senior dog to be more active, it increases their level of interaction, and even may play with the new puppy.
  2. Cognitive improvement: A new puppy is a huge change to a senior dog’s routine and brings about new experiences, new smells, and new things. This challenges a senior dog and you will often see them “come out of their senior spell.”
  3. It helps ease the passing: I can speak from experience; a house without a dog is very quiet. We lost our two senior pets within a few months of each other. We didn’t have any other pets. The house was so unbelievably quiet. Having a puppy gives you something to focus on. It doesn’t ease the pain of losing your beloved pet, but it is a good distraction.

I have advised many clients to consider getting a puppy when their dog starts slowing down. In almost every case the result of bringing home a new dog was that their senior became more vibrant, ate more, and exercised more, it was like turning the clock back by a few years.