Again, while this isn’t exactly senior pet related I thought I would put my opinion into the mix on what direction I see vet clinics will look like going forward over the next couple of years. Due to the curbside model, many clinics have chosen to adopt strategies that have moved them into the new world of medical technology which includes; telehealth consults, email integration, and more.

I think this new exposure to technology has allowed veterinary clinics to work more efficiently and to take care of a larger number of patients. So in this respect, I don’t think the model will change from what it looks like today. I think telehealth/telemedicine are likely here to stay but that is a good thing! One of the hardest things for pet owners is to get their pets actually to a vet. Imagine if we could do rechecks and behavior consults, among other things, virtually with our veterinarians. I think this will be a win/win for all of us. However, I suspect we will see curbside come to an end and we will be getting back into the clinic with our pets, well at least for the majority of cases.

In one of my last blogs, I mentioned that veterinary clinics are so unbelievably busy and I don’t expect that to change anytime in the near future. Many clinics are playing catch up constantly and most are overwhelmed by sick and/or emergency visits. One thing I expect will change is that you likely won’t be able to just pick up the phone and make a check-up appointment for that same day or even for that same week. We know how important regular visits are for our senior pets and those with chronic issues so make sure to get those appointments scheduled well in advance!

– Dr. B