We have covered the topic in the past and how to tell whether or not your pet is a senior in both our previous blog and in our senior pet podcast. The issue with reporting a pet’s age in human years is that it is very difficult to get an accurate age and applying it to dogs and cats of all different sizes and breeds.

For example, a Great Dane ages at a more rapid pace than a Yorkshire Terrier. However, I do think it is important to have a general idea of what your pet’s age is as compared to human years because it helps us to better understand the issues and problems that can develop due to their age.

The same things that affect a 55 year old person will affect an eight year old dog and so forth. I think it also gives us a realization and understanding of why it’s important to make sure that pets that are “only five years old” get regular health checks by your veterinarian. But remember, just like with people, age is just a number; keep them active and mentally fit!

Dr. B