Did you know that fish oil is one of the most widely used non-vitamin supplements in the US? Well, that might be just for human consumption.

But if we humans can benefit from fish oil, which is reported to help fight heart disease, aid eye development, and even reduce inflammation. And just as we grow older and less limber, so do our pets, and as they age, they start to slow down and exhibit signs of aging joints and other issues.

So, why can’t fish oil help our senior pets as it does us? This guide explains it all.

Fish Oil And Its Types 

Fish can be defined as an extract from fish; the most common types are anchovies, mackerel, sardines, salmon, or herring. These fish form the basis for oils created for the consumption of beneficial elements, namely omega-3 fatty acids.

Fish oil usually comes in a liquid oil or soft capsule form. Also, if you take the time to check out many chewy supplements or liquid supplements, you’ll find that fish oil is part of the ingredient list.

The three types of fish oil are:

  • Triglyceride fish oil
  • Ethyl ester
  • Free-form fish oil

The main difference between the three is the levels and concentration of omega-3 within the oil itself. Really, the only choice you’d need to make is between an oil supplement or a soft-gel capsule for administration.

Can I Give Fish Oil To Rover Or Garfield? 

Yes, you absolutely can give fish oil to your 14-year-old dog or 10-year-old cat. Both cats and dogs can consume fish oil much as a human would. The benefits of fish oil for pets are vast and a much longer list than the potential side effects–which amount simply to fish breath and slight diarrhea.

Helps The Heart

Fish oil supplements can help in reducing the development of an irregular heart rhythm. Also, fish oil acts as an anti-coagulant. This means that it can prevent blood clotting in cats with heart disease or illness.

Helps With Dry Skin 

Has your senior pet displayed skin issues with dry, flaky skin falling like mild snow? Fish oil will help in the fight against dry skin. It also helps alleviate the itching your senior pets may be suffering from due to an allergy.

Good For Arthritic Joints 

As dogs and cats age, their joints are just not what they used to be. Fish oil decreases the production of that inside their bodies which stimulates inflammation in their joints. Dogs and cats with arthritis or senior pets joint pain that consume fish oil are more often comfy and more agile than those who don’t.

Fantastic Fish Oils And Where To Find Them

As it goes with fish oil, and actually just about any supplement you’re considering giving to your four-legged bestie, you should always look out for reputable suppliers. Always check online reviews of the product you’re considering buying and compare it against their nearest competitors.

We’ve got you covered, though, with the perfect fish oil product for your furry family member. Check out the Nordic Naturals range here.