We’ve all laughed at a video of a person falling on a slippery floor. You may have smiled at a TikTok video of an excited puppy sliding across a hardwood floor. But it’s not so funny when it happens to our senior dogs.

Just like with humans, a fall can cause serious injury in an older dog. It can even lead to a need for surgery.

Maintaining senior dog mobility is important in keeping Fido active and healthy in his golden years. Luckily, there are products that can help keep Fido from falling on your brand new flooring.

Stopping Falls

Preventing falls is an important part of senior dog care. Even though a dog is closer to the floor than a human, slips and splay-leg movements pose a threat to your pet.

Even a small slip can lead a senior dog to more easily break a bone or sustain a muscle injury. A minor fall on the kitchen floor could lead to lameness that requires veterinary intervention.

Some pups in their golden years have mobility problems that make it difficult to walk on hard surfaces. It’s important to make sure they have as much stability as possible when they walk.

Remember when grandma needed months to recover from her broken hip? Rover will need a long time to recover from an injury, too, which can reduce the amount of exercise he can do. Exercise is key to the health and happiness of senior dogs, and avoiding injury helps make sure Rover can keep chasing that ball.

Prevent Injury in Senior Dogs

Some home adjustments help make sure Fido doesn’t fall. Baby gates strategically placed by stairs can help make sure your dog doesn’t slip down them.

Adding area rugs or carpets to linoleum and wood floors provides an easy way for Rover to grip the ground. But sometimes these solutions aren’t enough.

There are different products on the market that help keep dogs from getting injured. Some places offer dog paw balm that can keep the pads from cracking. This helps with dog paw pain that could make Fido walk awkwardly and put him at risk for a fall.

Our own Dr. Stacey Bone, a Veterinarian developed a coating for dog paw pads to help grip onto floors and improve stability while walking. The PawFriction Kit gives you an easy way to apply the coating and prevent falls.

The non-toxic coating is a great option for dogs with neurological problems because it helps build confidence. And unlike boots or nail grips, the coating doesn’t feel strange on Fido’s paws.

Protect Senior Dog Mobility

Keeping Fido active as he ages, helps him stay healthy and happy. Preventing injury is important, and helping your dog build the confidence to walk on smooth surfaces improves his quality of life. PawFriction can help senior dogs maintain their mobility on your home’s slippery floors.

Pawtology is all about making life great for pets in their golden years. Contact us today and let’s find ways to improve the quality of life in your dog.