If you’ve ever owned a pet, you know just how devastating it can be to lose them. For many, pets become important members of the family, and for good reason.

Our furry friends have the ability to help us ease stress, depression, and anxiety. They are also wonderful companions when you need exercise or you’re feeling lonely. The relationships and bonds we make with our pets can live on long after they are gone with a pet tribute.

If you’re a senior pet owner, you can plan for a pet memorial to help you keep the memory of your pet alive with a special tattoo.

Keep reading to learn about five tattoo styles that you can get as a memorial to your pet.

  1. Heart-Shaped Paw Print Tattoo

Incorporating a heart into your pet’s paw print is a special way of memorializing a pet.

You can use a print of your pet’s paw and feature a heart in the tattoo in a way that is meaningful to you. You can shape the paw into a heart or add one into the tattoo to add an emotional touch.

  1. Paw Infinity and Beyond Tattoo

The symbol of infinity signifies eternal love. It means that the love you have for another being is forever and has no boundaries or end.

This is a perfect addition to your paw print tattoo. You can include little paw prints within the infinity symbol as a unique expression of the love you carry for your pet. This darling tattoo can be placed on various parts of your body but you will want it somewhere that you can see and appreciate it.

  1. Hand-to-Paw Tattoo

This is one of those tattoos that will be deeply personal and meaningful. You can create this tattoo to reflect the playful relationship that you had with your pet.

You can make it as detailed or as subtle as you want. The idea is to put a human hand and a pet paw together to express the shared connection.

If you have an older pet, getting your pet’s paw print is easy with the PawFriction kit from Pawtology.

  1. Pet Silhouette Tattoo 

This is a beautiful style of tattooing that involves a simple outline. The end result is subtle but very powerful.

As a pet memorial, think about activities that your pet loved. You can use this as inspiration for the silhouette. Perhaps your dog loved playing fetch or your cat loved a certain sleeping position. Channel that into the tattoo for a personalized touch.

  1. Pet Name Tattoo

If you are mourning a pet and thinking about pet tattoos, using their name is the perfect option. Your pet’s name is unique and personal – and chances are that you were the one to name them!

Getting their name as a tattoo is a wonderful way to pay tribute. You can use any font and size that suits your personal style.

Paying Pet Tribute With a Memorial Tattoo

Losing a beloved pet is never easy but getting a memorial tattoo is a wonderful way to show pet tribute. You can use a heart-shaped paw, an infinity paw, your hand with their paw, a silhouette, or your pet’s name. These are great ways to keep the memory of your pet alive in your heart, and on your skin.

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