The pandemic has been lonely and stressful for most of us. That’s why it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that kitten and pet adoption rates have gone up since 2020. If you’re feeling alone, then you might also be considering adopting a pet.

Before you commit and adopt a kitten or adult cat, there are a few things you should consider. After all, getting a pet is a life-long commitment that takes up time and money. If you’re not up for the hard parts, then adopting might not be right for you.

Read on to learn more about whether getting a new fur baby is a good decision in your situation.

Pet Adoption: Is it a Good Idea?

Pets are not toys. They need time, energy, support, love, money, respect, and training. Some pets, like dogs, need a lot of attention. Others, like cats, are more independent. After all, cats did domesticate themselves.

Consider if you have the budget and time to care for a pet before you adopt.

What to Know Before Committing to a Cat Adoption

Have you determined that you’re ready to be a pet parent? Are you most interested in adopting a cat? If so, then you’re in great company! In Ancient Egypt, pharaohs revered their house cats as parts of the royal family.

Are you prepared to treat your cat like royalty?

Often, cats are very independent. They won’t need much instruction other than minor litter box training. They can also live indoors full time if you’d prefer. They are good at grooming themselves, so they’re low-maintenance for you.

Small kittens will have a lot of energy, but even senior cats need exercise. Expect a cat to be inquisitive, curious, and always exploring. They love climbing and scratching, so be aware of how sharp their nails are!

Kitten or Senior Cat: Which One is Right For You?

Now that you’re set on getting a cat, it’s time to figure out what age range is best. Many families assume that a kitten is best, but that’s not always true!

Young kittens are very energetic. They also aren’t skilled with their nails yet, so they can cause injuries to kids on accident. They’re also more likely to tear up furniture.

Senior cats need less care but want more of that TLC. They’re the perfect companion for independent people who want someone to love.

Senior cats may need extra support with their diet. For instance, consider providing fish oil and other supplements. This will help your older cat stay healthy and strong.

Will You Adopt a Kitten or Senior Cat in 2022?

Adopting a new baby kitten from a cat shelter is exciting and rewarding. It’s equally as joyful to parent a senior cat from a cat rescue, too. Whatever you decide, make sure that you’re prepared to handle the hard parts of adopting a pet as well.

Since you’ve read this article in full, there’s a great chance that you’ll make a great pet parent. You’re already giving your pet the love they deserve before you’ve even met them!

Do you have specific questions about adopting a new senior cat? If so, then our experts can help guide you on your journey. Leave us a message to ask our experts, and we’ll respond to you as soon as we can.