I made sure I read the reviews and instructions and was very careful about how I applied the product.

I shaved as much hair off her pads and between her toes as she would let me. I also held her feet in the “sand” product for a few seconds, not just a quick dab.

Ruby (a Shih Tzu) wasn’t thrilled with the process and it took her a day or two not to keep pulling her feet up higher to walk, but now, she’s walking like a champ again on the hardwood floors! She is also sitting on her feet again, and not her butt, because they stay under her now as well.

These are working well for me. She’s had it on for a week, so far. I noticed some of the toe pads are missing but most of the big pad and enough of the small ones are still there that she’s still doing great. She’s getting groomed in a couple of days, so I’ll probably apply it again after that.

– Connie G