Have you ever seen a happy dog chasing its own tail? The sight might remind you of children spinning around in circles! It evokes feelings of joy, freedom, and excitement.

It also might make you ask deeper questions like — why do dogs chase their tails, anyway? If you’re curious to find out, then you’re in the right place!

Read on to learn the top causes of tail chasing behaviors in senior dogs.


One reason why your dog might be chasing their tail is due to excitement. While senior pets are less likely to do this, they might if times get joyful enough!


Some people might think anxiety is only a human problem, but that human trait is rubbing off on our pets. Recent studies show that most dogs (72.5%) exhibit anxious behaviors.

One such anxiety-induced behavior is tail chasing. If you notice your senior pet chasing their tails in certain situations, then it could be anxiety.

Pay attention to when and where these incidents happen. Are they only happening in certain, stressful situations?

One way you can help with anxiety is by using wellness products like Ellevet for dogs. This can help calm your senior dog and hopefully ease the tail chasing, too.


Another common reason for tail chasing is simple boredom. Younger dogs are more likely to tail chase for this reason, but senior dogs can get bored, too!

Make sure you’re giving your dog enough stimulation. If your older dog can’t get out and about like they used to, there are still ways to help.

Get them some exciting new toys or puzzles, like this Brain Bowl, and see if you notice any improvement.

Fleas or Ticks

Another reason your pup might be chasing their tails is because of fleas or ticks! Both fleas and ticks will crawl around your pet’s fur.

Since your pet can feel these annoying bugs, they might try to nip at themselves or their tails.

If you notice this, then do an inspection on your pet to see if you notice any bugs. If you do see fleas, then give your pet a good soapy bath. If you need more treatment, then consider talking to your vet.

Mental Degradation

Another tragic reason your dog might be chasing or chewing their tail is due to mental decline. If you’re starting to notice your pet become less independent, then speak with your vet.

It might be wise to start your senior on some cognitive supplements.

Why Do Dogs Chase Their Tails?

So, why do dogs chase their tails? The answer varies. Your pet might feel excited, or they might be displaying worrisome signs of a bigger issue.

To determine what’s going on with your pet, you may have to do an investigation. Try out a few of the ideas above to see if you notice improvement.

Of course, always speak with your vet before making any major changes.

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