As it turns out, dogs are man’s best friend! Dogs help humans live longer, and humans help dogs enjoy longer lifespans.

With age comes newfound problems, though. If you own a senior dog, then you’re likely facing a whole host of new issues. From new physical challenges to mental decline, it can feel overwhelming.

The good news is that there are steps you can take to keep your pet mentally healthy. To improve animal cognitive health, you need to focus on your dog’s whole being.

That means your pet’s mental, physical, and emotional health.

Read on to find out how to help your pet thrive well into old age.

Provide Stimulation

One of the best ways to support your dog’s mental health is to provide stimulation. This tip actually applies to dogs of any age, but it’s even more important for senior dogs.

Stimulation can come in the form of games for dogs. It can also come in the form of toys.

One of our best stimulation products for senior pets is our Brain Bowl. This puzzle dog food bowl makes your dog work mentally for the reward of food.

Don’t Neglect Exercise for Aging Pets

Aging pets won’t have the energy or the strength to exercise like they used to. Despite that, you still need to focus on keeping your pet active. For older pets, that might just mean a few minutes of walking outside.

Address Problematic Issues for Senior Dogs

As your pet ages, they might start to struggle with new physical issues. They may struggle with arthritis. They’ll likely grow weaker and less agile. They could even become disabled or handicapped.

If you notice mobility issues, then address them before they become worse. Make your home as accessible as possible or consider purchasing pet mobility products.

Start Improving Dog Health with Supplements and a Good Diet

Another way to keep your dog mentally strong is to provide the right nutrition. This includes a well-balanced diet and possibly even nutritional supplements, too.

Watch for Signs of Cognitive Decline in Dogs

Finally, be sure to watch for signs of serious cognitive decline in your dog. If you do notice symptoms, then respond to them. Consult with your vet. Otherwise, you could cause your pet more distress.

Cognitive decline isn’t curable, but it is manageable. Our Senilife Cognitive Disease Supplement product can help you treat some symptoms.

Help Your Senior Dog Thrive

A senior dog is a true blessing. They’ll seamlessly provide you with peace, happiness, companionship, and purpose.

That doesn’t mean it will all be rainbows, though. Senior dogs also require a lot of extra TLC. If you want to help your senior pet thrive, then you may have to change up a few things.

Following the tips above can help you provide the best life for your pet well into old age. If you’re looking for more senior-friendly pet products, then head over to our store now!