July is National Pet Hydration Awareness Month: Why This is Important

In early July of 2023, Earth experienced the three hottest days in history! Regardless of where you spent your hot summer months, it was hotter than normal.

With rising temperatures comes the need to consider pet hydration. The hotter it is outside, the more water your body (and your pet’s body) needs to cope with the temperature.

Coincidentally, July is also pet hydration awareness month! That being said, now is the perfect time to get informed about daily water intake. Read on to learn more about improving pet health one drink at a time.

Pet Hydration Awareness Month History

Pet hydration awareness month was originally created by PetSafe. The purpose of this was to spread awareness about pet hydration.

PetSafe recognized that many pet owners fail to consider their pet’s hydration needs. One big reason why is that they assume their pets will take care of that themselves. They assume pets will drink when they’re thirsty.

Educating pet owners about the truth helps support pets and owners. Pets, especially seniors, can get dehydrated, much like humans.

When they do, their bodies suffer. Chronic dehydration can be fatal, too.

How Much Water Does My Pet Need?

So, how much water does your pet need? And, how can you be sure that your pet is getting enough water?

The answers to these questions can vary, making the situation even more complicated. What’s more, your pet’s hydration needs may change daily based on:

  • The outside temperature
  • Your pet’s regular diet
  • Your pet’s size
  • Your pet’s breed
  • Your pet’s activity level
  • Any underlying medical conditions
  • If your pet gets sick

In general, it’s recommended that your pet drink about 1 oz of water per pound of body weight daily. Another way to view this is that they should drink 2 to 3 times as much as they eat.

Creating a Pet Hydration Strategy This July

With this July being so hot, it’s important to consider creating a hydration strategy now.

Throughout the month, incorporate water-rich foods into your pet’s diet. You can also soak dry dog food in some water to make it a little moist, too.

Always make sure your pet has access to water.

If you plan on going out, then bring water and a pet bowl.

You should also think of ways to keep your pet a bit cooler. Our PawFriction Kit keeps your pet’s paw pad’s protected and cooler on hot surfaces.

Pet Hydration Awareness Month: Knowledge is Power

Pet hydration is often an afterthought for far too many pet owners. Many people assume that animals will instinctively drink enough water.

Nothing could be farther from the truth.

What’s more, if you have a senior pet, then you need to be even more vigilant about your pet’s water needs. Senior pets are more forgetful, less in tune with their needs, and may need some extra help.

The good news is that you can ensure your pet gets enough water by taking the steps outlined in this article.

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