Were you one of the unlucky Covid survivors that struggled with brain fog? If so, then you have a small-scale idea of what cognitive decline can feel like.

It’s frustrating, confusing, and even scary.  If you have an older pet, then cognitive decline is something you need to be aware of. As your dog ages, its cognitive health will likely get worse.

That’s not to say you’re powerless, though. There are things you can do to foster positive pet cognitive health. Read on to learn five ways to support your senior dog and slow cognitive decline down.

1. Mild Physical Activity

As your pet gets older, it may start to display worrisome symptoms. Often, it’s difficult to tell if their decline is cognitive or behavioral.

As you sus out the cause of the issue, be sure to stay physical. Your older pet won’t be as excitable as they were when they were younger, but they still need movement!

Make it mild, but make the effort daily.

2. Mental Stimulation

If you notice signs of CCD, then your next step should be increasing your pet’s mental stimulation.

Consider purchasing toys that will challenge your pet. Think about treat mazes or puzzle food bowls (like the one at our shop).

These ‘brain games’ will help your dog thrive and slow CCD symptoms.

3. Staying Healthy and Strong

The sad truth is that your dog’s risk of CCD rises by 52% each year after age 10. One of the best ways to keep them healthy and strong is to focus on nutrition.

Feed your pup a diet that’s high in omega-3 fatty acids (fish oil). Also, look for triglycerides, which can help protect from CCD.

4. Supplements

The best way to support pet health after a CCD diagnosis is with supplements.

Our Senilife cognitive disease supplement is a great option. It’s designed to improve the quality of life of pets with CCD.

How? It helps reduce CCD symptoms and delays age-related symptoms that haven’t yet appeared.

5. Making Changes

Finally, you can start to make changes in your home for your pet’s comfort. For instance, put up night lights if your pup gets up at night. Make your dog’s areas more accessible and safe.

While you might think modifications will be a crutch for your pet, they’re more than that.

Instead, they’ll help foster independence, which will keep your pet’s mental health stronger. Making modifications makes for healthy dogs.

Coping With Senior Dog Cognitive Decline

Cognitive decline has become more widespread in senior dogs. At first, this fact can sound alarming. Once you realize it’s because dogs are living longer lives, though, it makes more sense.

While cognitive decline is inevitable, your pet’s discomfort doesn’t have to be. Use the five tips above to help slow cognitive decline and help your pet thrive.

Here at Pawtology, our focus is helping you and your senior pet live your best lives. Check out our shop now to see some products designed just for your fur baby.